Old Plagues For The New World

by Whoredom

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released October 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Whoredom Valencia, Spain

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Track Name: Off The Beaten Path
You accept our role, from birth to death,
You degrade your pride to parity and peace.

Understanding freedom is denying its existence
Tolerance and conduct are just another brick
In the wall you've thrown yourself behind
In the pit you're slowly choking in

Off the beaten Path!

But who needs to be free when fighting is the path?
The chase is always better than the catch.
Who needs to scavenge when hunting satisfies?
Blood of the prey is sweeter than hell’s flames.

And war is a victory over one’s spirit,
Even when dying by the sword.
So make every day your battle
And the nights your lustful feast.

I say there is no hand, left or right
But the untrodden void of tomorrow.
I say it’s better to trample than to sneak
And quarrel to march to your own beat.

So stand proud for no other banner than your self
Stand for every dawn your eyes will see
And burn the world to see it cleaned.

March! Off The Beaten Path!
Track Name: Tonight We'll Dream Of Genocide
Tonight we ride carried by nocturnal winds
Watchers of the end, vigils of apocalypse!

Not by sword nor by flames,
But by the cold bite of winter,
By Heat, thirst, hunger or frost:
A blessing that puts your soul to an end!

Tonight we ride!
Tonight we dream!

And we’ll be like offspring
Feasting on their mother’s womb,
And the nightside will greet us
With a howl pure and wild!

Tonight we’ll dream of purity!
Tonight we’ll dream of Genocide!

Tonight we ride!

We’ll behold an earth so barren,
So pure and unsullied…
Devoid of human stench,
Unfold its splendor again!

Triumphant gleam of torches
As the grand leveler reaps its toll.

Hear the call to arms, to fight, to purge
A call to destroy any reasons!
Tonight we dream of purity
Tonight we dream of Genocide!

Triumphant gleam of torches
As the great leveler reaps its toll.
Triumphant death rising again!
Genocide, weapon to tame… mankind.
Track Name: Heirs To Vastness
Behold the world!
Do not belong to: make it yours!
Behold, our time has come!
Hell's pleasures calling to you.
Heirs to vastness!

Is it with pride you hold the scepter of scorn?
Is it with scorn you accept our human pride?
Feel the curse.
Hands are screaming: hear no master's voice,
Freedom fading: hide your face in shame.
Feel the flames.
A golden cage of coax: the leash and whip prevail,
Only hatred unchains what tolerance enslaves.
Feel the Fire.

What would you tell to your kind?
Castrated, deceived and forgotten.
Why would you kneel before your king?
Prostrate or stand won't change your fate.

Our beacons shine in the night!
A token of daylight deceit.
Heirs to vastness!
Track Name: The Well In Which Venus Drowned
She is dressed in Selene's beams,
Pale as grey, subtle scent of decay.

She is a skull, soul-moved bare bones,
A shade of dark, a lifeless spark.

She is a veil, a wave of the night,
A sacred wraith, a fading way.

Five candles burn in the otherworld,
Six funerals of beauty perpetual.

Beheaded goddess, quartered idol,
Spread your legs and receive the ghost,
The kiss of flames and burning doom.

Three headed muse, darkened nymph,
Unchain your pleasures and die again.
In smoke and incense release your love,
Drown, Venus drown!

I am the scythe, to reap your wings.
I am the trident tearing your soft breast.

I am the blade made of flesh and hate.
Raping your corpse devoid of godly stench.

There is a hole in the skin of heaven
Starless constellations in the black of night
There is a hole in thy body that leads to the void!

In thy hole which is filled with embers and lust,
There is a nail for every limb you raise.
Stripes of sperm to salt thy wounds,
Drops of thy blood as unholy manna.
Track Name: The End That Never Comes
I was not raised to lose a fight, but I can’t win this war.
I was not taught to look away, but I can’t take no more.

Hear that toll crawling in your mind.
Feel the end approaching in slow march.
Can’t control, fever made me blind.
Don’t pretend existence is not a lie.

Cover me in burning furs; bless the hand that curses you.
Drown the voice of so-called evil as the word of hell speaks to you!

What a glorious start for the age of no man’s reign…
Wait again, await and pray for wrath!

Await the end that never comes.
Await the end that never comes.

I long for a total cleansing,
Violence creates what peace destroys.

Await the end that never comes.
Await the end that never comes.

I was told to laugh when embers consume your soul
I was told to wish a master plan of crimson screams.
I was granted peace once mankind disappears,
I was granted love of a barren earth!